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Eleventy Documentation

This is an older version of Eleventy. Full release history. Go to the newest Eleventy docs. You could try /docs/starter/ although it may not exist.

Starter Projects #

  1. eleven_tyeleventy-base-blog How to build a blog web site with Eleventy.
  2. eleven_tyeleventy-on-glitch A playground site for Eleventy on Glitch with live rendered views right on the web!
  3. philhawkswortheleventyone is an Eleventy scaffold project created by the legendary Phil Hawksworth. Makes use of gulp with Eleventy and Sass.
  4. andybelldesignHylia is a lightweight Eleventy starter kit with Netlify CMS pre-configured, so that you can one-click install a progressive, accessible blog in minutes.
  5. thatianrosedeventy A minimal 11ty starting point for building static websites with modern tools.
  6. DanUrbanowiczeleventy-netlify-boilerplate A template for building a simple blog web site with Eleventy and deploying it to Netlify. Includes Netlify CMS and Netlify Forms.
  7. duncanadameleventy-shortcomps Starter project for static site by Adam Duncan, using Eleventy and shortcode components pattern.
  8. joe_dyer1Skeleventy A skeleton boilerplate built with Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.
  9. scottishstoaterSimple Journal A simple journal/photo log website built on top of 11ty.
  10. planetofthewebSeven An eleventy template based on bootstrap4layouts. Includes webpack, sass version of bootstrap, vue.js powered search and a whole lot more.
  11. kmelveeleventy-sanity-blog-boilerplate An eleventy + headless CMS blog boilerplate. Includes Sanity Studio, quick start, config and intstructions for deploying on Netlify and now.
  12. DavidDarnesEleventy Starter Ghost A starter template to build websites with Ghost & Eleventy.

Source Code Samples #

This list shows all of the sample sites that have provided a link to their source code. A comprehensive list of all sample sites is available. Want to add your site to this list?

Source CodeName
Source Codeeleven_ty’s twitter avatar11ty.io, the Eleventy web site
Source CodeTheTalesOfImmo’s twitter avatarAethel
Source Codehybrid_alex’s twitter avatarAlex Carpenter
Source CodeAndreaCorinti’s twitter avatarAndrea Corinti
Source Codeashur’s twitter avatarEats & Drinks
Source Codebmeurer’s twitter avatarBenedikt Meurer
Source Codebradtaunt’s twitter avatarBradley Taunt
Source CodeCasseyLottman’s twitter avatarToday Cassey Learned
Source Codecathy_dutton’s twitter avatarCathy Dutton
Source Codecezaraugusto’s twitter avatarCezar Augusto
Source Codescottishstoater’s twitter avatarChris Collins
Source Codemaelb’s twitter avatarconsole.❤️
Source Codecss’s twitter avatarUpcoming Conferences
Source Codesaschadiercks’s twitter avatarDesign System with 11ty
Source Codeduncan’s twitter avatarDuncan Davidson
Source Coderedsesame’s twitter avatarEveryday Information Architecture
Source Codeffconf’s twitter avatarffconf
Source Codesnookca’s twitter avatarFifty by Fifty
Source Codefontspeed
Source Codeminamarkham’s twitter avatarFormation
Source Codegvonkoss’s twitter avatarGabrielle von Koss
Source Codephilhawksworth’s twitter avatarHawksworx
Source Codewilto’s twitter avatarMat “Wilto” Marquis
Source Codewilto’s twitter avatarI’m Mat. I make websites.
Source Codederekhoman’s twitter avatarThe Ramblings of Derek Homan
Source Codethatianrose’s twitter avatarIan Rose
Source Codeeleven_ty’s twitter avatarHeydon Pickering’s Inclusive Web Design Checklist, converted to use eleventy
Source Codejamesdoc’s twitter avatarJames Doc
Source Codejdsteinbach’s twitter avatarJames Steinbach
Source Codephilhawksworth’s twitter avatarJamstack Comments Engine
Source Codejeffposnick’s twitter avatarJeff Posnick
Source Codejeremenichelli’s twitter avatarJeremias Menichelli
Source Codejeremyswinnen’s twitter avatarJeremy Swinnen
Source Codejohanbrook’s twitter avatarJohan Brook
Source Codekleinfreund’s twitter avatarkleinfreund.de
Source Codechinchang457’s twitter avatarKushagra’s World
Source Codeleedsjs’s twitter avatarLeedsJS
Source Codelevimcg’s twitter avatarLevi McGranahan
Source CodeLondonCSS’s twitter avatarLondon CSS
Source Codemxbck’s twitter avatarMax Böck
Source Codemmatuzo’s twitter avatarManuel Matuzović
Source Codebrob’s twitter avatarBut My Client Wants…
Source Codeokitavera’s twitter avatarNanda Okitavera
Source Codenejsconf’s twitter avatarNEJS CONF 2018
Source Codenetlify’s twitter avatarNetlify Templates
Source Codephilhawksworth’s twitter avatarEvent listing from Notist
Source Codemisprintedtype’s twitter avatarOla Gasidlo
Source Codepaulrobertlloyd’s twitter avatarPaul Robert Lloyd
Source Codepborenstein’s twitter avatarpborenstein
Source Codehankchizljaw’s twitter avatarPersonal sites are awesome!
Source Codepianomanfrazier’s twitter avatarLilypond in Markdown
Source Codenhoizey’s twitter avatarPrecious Prana
Source Codephilhawksworth’s twitter avatarMedium to Small JAMstack
Source Coderyzokuken’s twitter avatarUjjwal “Ryzokuken” Sharma
Source Codephilhawksworth’s twitter avatarSet Your Watch By
Source Codeshuttersh’s twitter avatarShutter Documentation
Source Codesplitinfinities’s twitter avatarSplit Infinities
Source CodeDasSurma’s twitter avatarSurma
Source Codehybrid_alex’s twitter avatarUS Coffee Roasters
Source Codev8js’s twitter avatarV8
Source CodeChromiumDev’s twitter avatarweb.dev
Source CodeWiltoMakesFood’s twitter avatarWilto Makes Food
Source Codeminamarkham’s twitter avatarYoncé
Source Codezachleat’s twitter avatarZach Leatherman
Source Codezellwk’s twitter avatarZell Liew